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Starting a new WordPress website? Our WordPress hosting solutions are perfect for creating a fantastic looking, mobile-friendly website in minutes. All our plans are tailored to meet all kinds of demands, whether you’re running a large business or starting a blog, you’ll join the thousands of customers that count on us.

A database also requires its own cloud instances. RAM and fast storage are key for these. For both relational databases (e.g. MySQL) and non-relational ones (think MongoDB), we recommend Memory Optimized Instances. For really large NoSQL databases, you can also consider large Storage Optimized Instances. Start with at least 2 VPS per database for redundancy, but also ensure the possibility of scaling your database cluster both horizontally and vertically to be ready for the future growth of your eCommerce. Our cloud servers (otherwise called VPS) are built with data protection and privacy in mind. Once you select this location, we guarantee that your data will never be transferred outside the European Union. Here's more info about Fybe compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Virtual machines running web server (typically Nginx or Apache) are the beating heart of the e-Commerce cloud infrastructure. Usually, CPU is a limiting factor; depending on the traffic scale and spikes, you can consider Starter, General Purpose or CPU Optimized instances. We recommend at least 2 instances for redundancy. If you are not sure, a CO-4 instance is often a good starting point.

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