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What are the benefits of choosing a VPS with a RYZEN processor?

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AMD Ryzen processors made a lot of noise in their time. It was this line that allowed the company to get ahead of competitors. AMD#039;s multi-threaded solution has given users the ability to dramatically increase PC productivity and quickly solve even the most complex tasks. You can buy AMD processors in the Moon online store.

A little about AMD Ryzen processors

The model range includes two lines. The first, in turn, consists of two types of processors:

The regular ones were called Summit Ridge and were designed for desktop computers. Processors with a hybrid architecture (Raven Ridge) were developed for use in mobile devices. With less power, they are equipped with a Vega video core, which allows them to be effectively used on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The second line was released a little later. It was created on the improved basis of Zen+. This generation features better performance, a memory frequency of 2933 MHz, and advanced integrated graphics. Owners of these processors no longer need to spend money on a discrete graphics card. This nuance allowed to offset a slight increase in cost. But it is most profitable to pay attention to new generation processors, for example:

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Pros and cons of AMD Ryzen processors

Among the main advantages, users note the excellent value for money. Compared to Intel#039;s main competitor, AMD Ryzen processors are 20% cheaper.

There is no definitive answer in terms of performance. Tests show that AMD Ryzen and Intel show different performances when working with different applications. In some, AMD leads, in others, Intel.

Thanks to AMD multithreading, they work perfectly with modern applications and games. The entire model range can be overclocked. The company#039;s products as a whole are distinguished by good overclocking. At the same time, all motherboards designed for this equipment support the overclocking function.

Like any hardware, AMD Ryzen processors are not without flaws. How significant they are, can only be decided by a potential user who knows what tasks he will solve.

Among the main disadvantages are:

The need for overclocking. At a minimum, this procedure should be performed with memory, since the maximum productivity of the processor is directly related to the frequency of the RAM. The task is simple and within the power of any advanced user.

In comparison with competitors, it loses a little in performance per core. This is only noticeable when working with applications that do not support multithreading. The difference does not exceed 20%.

In general, AMD Ryzen processors show good performance in tests. They are quite capable of becoming an alternative to Intel. At the same time, the reduced cost makes them more attractive to buyers.

Where to buy AMD Ryzen processors

The Moon online store offers a wide range of computer accessories, including AMD Ryzen processors.

Professional consultants will help you choose the best model for your tasks. If necessary, you can visit offline stores and pick up the desired product.

For those who value their time, fast delivery to the specified address is provided. The cost is discussed individually. In some cases, our employees will bring the goods free of charge.

All customers from other countries can use the delivery of goods function. Therefore, buyers from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and the CIS countries (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia) can safely purchase goods from the Moon.kz online store.

Choose a processor based on the tasks that you set for your PC. And with the Moon online store, this choice will be much easier!

A ryzen processor is a new line of processors from AMD. They are based on the Zen architecture and feature multiple cores, high clock speeds, and an improved cache system.

How does a ryzen processor work?

A ryzen processor is a CPU (Central Processing Unit) that has multiple cores. It can be used to run programs and applications, as well as games. The more cores it has the better performance you will get in most cases.

Advantages and Applications.

What are the 5 benefits of a ryzen processor?

  1. It is a great processor for gaming and video editing.
  2. The price of the ryzen processors are very affordable compared to intel’s i7 series.
  3. Ryzen has better performance than Intel in multi-threaded applications like rendering videos or photo processing software.
  4. AMD offers more cores at lower prices than Intel does with their equivalent products (i5 vs Ryzen 5).
  5. You can overclock your CPU easily on an AM4 motherboard without voiding the warranty unlike other platforms such as LGA 1151 where you have to buy expensive motherboards that support overclocking if you want to do it yourself instead of paying extra money for someone else who will do it for you.

Who should use a ryzen processor?

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their money. Ryzen processors are a great choice for gamers, streamers, and content creators alike. They offer excellent performance at an affordable price point that will leave you with plenty of cash left over for other components in your build.

What types of ryzen laptops are there?

There are three types of ryzen processors. The first is:

The Ryzen 7.

The Ryzen 7 has 8 cores and 16 threads. It also comes in a variety of different speeds ranging from 3Ghz to 4GHz depending on how much you want to spend.

The Ryzen 5

The Ryzen 5 with 6 cores and 12 threads that can be found at various speeds as well (3-4 GHz).

The Ryzen 3

Finally, we have the budget-friendly option – the Ryzen 3 – which only has four cores but still offers eight threads for those who don’t need all that power or simply cannot afford it yet.

What do I need to look out for when comparing a ryzen processor?

Numbers of cores and threads.

The first thing you need to look out for is the number of cores and threads. This will determine how many tasks can be processed at once, which in turn determines performance. For example, a 6-core/12 thread processor would perform better than an 8-core/8thread one when it comes to multitasking (running multiple programs simultaneously).

Clock speed.

Another important factor is clock speed – this refers to how fast each core runs individually. A higher frequency means that more instructions per second are executed by the CPU, resulting in faster overall processing speeds.

cache size.

Finally there’s cache size – this refers to memory onboard dedicated specifically for use by the CPU itself; Larger caches mean quicker access times and therefore improved performance as well as reduced power consumption due to less frequent data retrieval from RAM or storage devices like hard drives or SSDs.

Advantages and disadvantages based on customer reviews.



  • The Ryzen processor is a new generation of processors from AMD.
  • It has 8 cores and 16 threads, which means that it can handle more tasks at once than the Intel i7-7700K (which only has 4 cores).
  • It is ideal for gaming as well as video editing or rendering.



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What alternatives to ryzen processors do exist?

Intel has a new line of processors called i7-8700k. It is the best processor in its price range and it can be used to build gaming computers as well. The only problem with this processor is that it does not have many cores, which means you will need more than one for better performance. This makes your computer expensive but if you are looking for high-end performance then this might be an option worth considering.






What do reviews on the internet say about ryzen processor?

The reviews on the internet are very positive. People have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on this processor and they seem happy with it so far. It is not as fast as Intel’s i7 but then again, you don’t need that much speed if all you do is play games or watch movies. If your work involves heavy processing of data, then I would recommend getting an i7 instead because Ryzen will be too slow for such tasks. But if what you want from a computer is just entertainment purposes only (gaming/movies), then ryzen should serve its purpose well enough without breaking the bank.

Do people buying a ryzen processor have negative experiences with the product?

No, there are no negative reviews for this product yet. You may read about other people’s experience with the ryzen processor on this page under the reviews tab.

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